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Vision and Core Values of theWorshipWay

Worship is a way of life! It flows out of our daily life in the spirit, propels us into spiritual growth, and blesses the spiritual yearnings of the community.  

Worship design is part of an entire Sunday morning experience 
that welcomes strangers, changes lives, matures Christians, 
calls disciples and sends servants 

Therefore we must:
*Understand the lifestyle preferences of the diverse publics in the community
*Design radical hospitality customized to welcome strangers to grace
*Focus and design worship to target the yearnings of seekers and disciples
*Connect worship with opportunities for spiritual growth and mission service
*Center worship and daily living on the simplicity and complexity of Jesus Christ

The only good worship is worship that works. 
 Therefore Worship is Mission, an intersection where God’s grace 
and human anxiety meet. The experience many be a rendezvous with 
destiny or a collision with unstoppable love. 
The result may be an improved journey 
or a sharp turn.  

Worship is the purest form of God’s mission, and 
God expects our collaboration to make happen.

St. Paul says that good worship is whatever motivates a seeker
 to confess with their lips that Jesus is Lord, and believe in their hearts 
that God raised him from the dead.
So long as seekers are equipped to love kindness, do justice, 
and walk humbly with Jesus, worship is a success

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Our Worship Ways Research and training is based on “Mission Impact guide 2.0; the rich resources and 30 plus years of reality tested experience from the micro-sized to the macro-largest church in the denomination.